Data Base Sequance Issue in Migration

In migration project the common scenario is the sequence.

It might be Trigger commonly used in Oracle DB.
Identity column in Sql server for Sequence.
Identity/Sequence Objects In DB2

For more information on how Identity or Sequence works please refer 

For Triggers:-

Lets see how to handle the above scenario in Netezza.

To generate Sequence in query use the below syntax.

         (SELECT Nvl(Max(prod_dw_id),0)FROM   product_dim) 

+ Row_number() OVER (partition BY ‘A’ ORDER BY ‘A’) AS sequance,
         rest OF the required columns
FROM     your_table.

If one want to do both insert and update then first flag the records for insert ‘I’ or Update ‘U’.
Based on the flag increment the sequence for Inset flagged records and skip for update once.

         WHEN flag = ‘I’ THEN 

(SELECT Nvl(Max(prod_dw_id), 0)FROM   product_dim)
 + Row_number() OVER (partition BY ‘A’ ORDER BY ‘A’)
         ELSE ‘-1’
       END AS sequance, 

rest OF the required columns
                 WHEN prod_dw_id IS NOT NULL THEN ‘U’
                 ELSE ‘I’
               END AS flag,
        rest OF the required columns
        FROM   stg_prod
               LEFT OUTER JOIN roduct_dim
                            ON prod_id = dim.prod_id) a  

To handle the same in Informatica 

Get the MAX(PROD_DW_ID) from the (product_dim)table using lookup and use sequence generator or use expression transformation to increment the sequence from the MAX(PROD_DW_ID)

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