Informatica Audit Framework

Different name but the requirement or functionality is same:-


1) An ETL/Informatica Framework for Operational Metadata Logging

2) Process Control / Audit of Workflows in Informatica 

3) ETL Audit and Control information

4) A Scheduler framework for Audit – Balance and Control

5) Collecting Session Stat for audit purpose
below is the approach to implement the above requirement:-

The above requirement can be implemented using Informatica repository Views:-

The 2 vies used for this framework are:-
REP_SESS_LOG and REP_SESS_TBL_LOG one can find these view in the data base where Informatica repository server installed.

Let’s understand what blow query will do.  Both query’s will return last session run related records.

for example in the development Env we have 6 months of data in the views, out of that we will get only last run information for each session in a folder (as we are filtering data based on the folder first) **Where SUBJECT_AREA=PROJECT_FOLDER.


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