Netezza Utilities

The 2 frequently used Netezza Utilities are as follows


The nzload command returns three status codes. They are

  • 0: Nzload command is success and the data is loaded into the target table.
  • 1: Nzload command is success. However errors are occurred in loading. But the number of errors does not exceeded the -maxErrors option
  • 2: Nzload command failed

Let’s see how to create a generic script and pass the sql script from file to the generic script.

How to call this script in Informatica command task and pass the SQL script file name as parameter.

Lets first create a generic script for the following operations. 

To make the script generic we need to have a profile file which hold the parameter file values need for the script.

Lets see how the above values will be used in the script

Lets see how to call this script from informatica command task

Lets see the PROD_DIM_SQL Script, that we are passing as parameter in the above example.

In netezza :WH_DBNAME act as parameter
: is the syntax for defining a parameter (similar to “$” is the syntax for shell script or Teadata bteq Script)


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