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Collect performance data: – 
                       It is check box option available in Session properties under Performance tab.
What is the importance of this option and in which situations we can use this.
Let’s say we have complex mapping with more than 3 active transformations (like Joiner, Router, Filter etc.,).
When mapping executed it is succeeded but no records are loaded into the Target. By checking the Source and Target statistics,Records are pulled from source but no records are loaded/ rejected. In this case how to identify which active transformation is filtering the data. To know this we need to see how the data is flowing between transformations.

Let’s check the option Collect performance data available under performance tab.
Run the session and go to workflow monitor and follow below steps. I will suggest do this before running the session, if the session takes less time to execute.
One can see a set of transformation used in the mapping like below.
Click on the + symbol to expand follow the below steps.

   Let’s understand the graph with mapping.


As you can see in the above flow, from source to Filter 4 records has passed (can see @ Filter_inputrows = 4) and filter has passed all the 4 records (can see @ Filter_outputrows = 4).
Similarly 4 rows received by java transformation and it has returned 11 rows out of it (as java is splitting records).  This way we can used this option to trace the data flow between transformations in the mapping.
Let’s see the below case.

 We can see that 4 records pushed from source and after filter records are not coming out. This way we can go to specific transformation and find out the reason.