How to remove label in informatica?

Labeling:- Labeling is required when we want to do code migration from one ENV to another ENV. Lets say i have to move 10 workflows  from Dev to Test out of 30 workflows in a Folder. So in this case create a label and then apply to the 10 workflows which needs to be migrated. ref the below link for Label creation.

How to Remove the label

To Remove label first we need to connect to repository manager.


Lets say i want to remove Label for a target, then I need to go TARGET folder and then go to the applicable target object. Similarly for source, mapping, session and workflow(U need to go to respective Folders to remove the Label).step2

Let’s see how to do it for session, similarly do it for rest of the object. Go to session folder –> then select the session and right click on it –> go to versioning –> View Historystep3

And in that again right click on it then select Labels –> remove labels –> select that –> then one can see a set of labels –> from that select the one you need to remove.step0


One thought on “How to remove label in informatica?

  1. Richa February 8, 2015 / 12:34 am

    very well explained


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